Elon Musk Reveals Who Invented Bitcoin: A mystery called Satoshi Nakamoto

The identity of the creator of Bitcoin has been debated for years, so in the beginning, it was not known whether it was an individual or a group.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a name known to all crypto-enthusiasts today, and Elon Musk agrees that he is actually a cryptocurrency expert named Nick Szabo.

Musk said that a conclusion can be reached if the evolution of the idea of Bitcoin is studied and if attention is paid to who wrote about it the most at the time.

He added that, like many others, he cannot say with certainty who invented Bitcoin, but pointed out that Szab’s theories were key to the emergence of today’s leading cryptocurrency.

It is noted that Szabo is among the most responsible, if not the most responsible, for the development of ideas from which Bitcoin originated, which is why many suspect that Nakamoto is him, although he denies these claims.

The pseudonym first appeared in 2008, along with Bitcoin.

In 2014, a group of linguists entertained the case by comparing the original plan and protocol for Bitcoin(Bitcoin Whitepaper) with texts written by Szabo.

There were ten other potential creators in the game, and experts concluded that Szabo fits the most when it comes to linguistic similarities.

Nick Szabo was brought in about Bitcoin back in 2015, but he persistently denied that it was true.

Another reason why they associate it with this currency is that back in 1998, it created the so-called “bit gold” cryptocurrency.

In the end, Mask said that it doesn’t matter who the creator is because the name is just a name attached to the idea.

He even quoted Shakespeare - “The name is nothing, what we call a rose would smell sweet with another name.”

I guess that also applies to the creator of Bitcoin.

Elon Musk Reveals Who Invented Bitcoin: A mystery called Satoshi Nakamoto